Hot Weather Pet Tips

Heatstroke can be deadly.  The Humane Society offers these tips for caring for your pets during hot summer days.


  • Leaving your dog in a parked car creates much suffering for your pet and heatstroke can happen in just 10 minutes as temperatures can rise to 120 degrees in just 10 minutes even if the windows are partially open.  Heatstroke symptoms start with disorientation, and can end in death.  Statistics posted below....


  • Leaving dogs in open truck beds is also dangerous as the temperatures on the surface can burn paws and heatstroke can occur if there is no shade protection.


  • Excercise your dogs during the coolest times of the day.  Pay attention to how hot the pavement is on your dogs paws when taking them for walks or to events around town.


  • Outside animals should have protection from the sun and plenty of cool water available.


More info:  HERE

Police number for reporting neglect/abuse:  541-693-6911 (press 3 and then 3 again)


 Statistics from The Humane Society of the United States:

·         Your dog's normal temperature is approximately 101F (38C) - at a temperature of 105F (40C) your dog will suffer heatstroke
o        When it's 85F (29C) outside, the inside of your car can reach 102F within 10 minutes; 20 minutes later the temperature is likely to be 120F;
·         Even when it's only 72F (22C) outside, the car can heat up to 105F within 30 minutes;
o        Leaving the car windows open has a negligible effect on both the inside temperature and the rate at which the car heats up;
·         Your dog is designed to conserve heat and only has sweat glands on his paw pads and nose;
o        Your dog regulates his temperature by panting - expelling warm air and inhaling cool air. In a hot car he will be breathing in hot air and so fighting a losing battle against heatstroke.
·         Even if you get your dog out of the car and cool him down, he may have suffered long term damage to his brain and internal organs


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