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Search Continues For Brothers Allegedly Connected To Illegal Pot Grow

BEND, OR -- A pair of brothers are wanted in connection with a large illegal marijuana operation linked to five properties in Bend and La Pine raided by authorities earlier this week. Authorities seized 665 pounds of processed marijuana and 630 plants in the operation. 

Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson praises neighbors for calling in suspicious activity, which led to the investigation. "That stuff reeks, so folks smell something. They see a lot of cars at some address and they’re not having a potluck, right? Nobody’s bringing a casserole dish. Well, there’s probably something going on there that’s not on the up and up," Nelson tells KBND News, "We want that information so we can go out and take care of that problem."

He says search warrants were executed through careful coordination between multiple agencies, and the operation was conducted simultaneously at all five properties, "Because you don’t want to hit them one at a time; everybody has a mobile phone now - cell phone, and spread the message. You want to be able to take care of that issue and make that case right there."

Detectives believe the pot was being grown for sale in the midwest and eastern U.S. Sheriff Nelson says illicit grows have become common, despite the 2014 measure legalizing personal use of pot, "Oregon marijuana is very well known across the country, and I’d even argue, across the world. And so, you export marijuana out of here illegally, and you’ll get far more money on the black market. So, you have people who don’t want to follow the rules, even under Ballot Measure 91."

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of 36-year-old Daniel Liautaud and his 31-year-old brother Jackson are asked to contact Detectives Dustin Miller or Tony Ramos at 541-693-9111, reference case #23-25857. Do not attempt to detain the men.


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