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Redmond Mayor Makes Recommendation For Homelessness Solution

REDMOND, OR -- The city of Redmond is looking outside the area for ideas on how to address the homeless crisis. 

Mayor George Endicott says there are plausible ideas out there, including creating a “safe camping” area. “I personally am most intrigued with the Seaside one, especially since the county has already agreed to about 10 acres on the edge of Redmond for us to use for homeless activities,” said Endicott who explained Seaside’s approach, “What they’ve done is actually set aside a designated area where the homeless can go and camp: either RV or tents. And then, once a week they have to clear out so the area can be cleaned up; and the city provides port-a-potties, sanitation stations, water.”

But, he admits implementation of any plan will be up to the next Mayor and Council, who take office in January, “I hope they would agree with what I’m describing. I mean, we’re all struggling with this. We don’t quite know how to deal with it. If it were a simple solution, someone would’ve already discovered one; and we know there aren’t any. Even in the state of Oregon, but nationwide, no one seems to be able to come up with an adequate approach.”

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