Leslie James

My First Blog

It's almost 2013 so I guess I should start blogging.  Hmmm.  A lot of stuff has happened in my life in 2012 so I will catch you up:


My husband and I adopted a 7 year old child from the State Foster care system in June.  Other than our dogs, is is our 1st (and only) child.  We are learning how to be a good strong, healthy family together and it is working out great so far.


What a big change for us, as we are in our late 40s and pretty set in our ways.


Kyra is in the 2nd grade and is very smart and always happy.  She is a very good girl and we keep reminding her that this is exactly how we expect her to be when she is 14.  Wish us luck!  We feel very lucky that we ended up with such a well behaved child, especially from the foster care system where kids are dealing with some form of trama.


When we started the adoption process we were told to not expect a kid to be grateful.  They are most likely to be resistant to change and not be nice.

We were ready for that. 

But instead, we got a girl who tells us every day that she loves us, loves Central Oregon, loves her doggies, and says we have a great family!



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