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Started at The Twins in 1995
Husband to Nancy
Father to Jared, Drew & Ethan
Partner to KC Caldwell
I love road cycling and do it often. I also bicycle commute but am not annoying so don't run me off the road.
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KC and Ron Mornings has been Twinster APPROVED since June 10, 1996. Thank you so much!
Yes, I really do get to laugh for a living. I love living in Central Oregon.
I'm a Mom to Chase and Jess...and I have a yellow lab named Frisbee.
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KC and Ron

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Leslie James

Over 50
Married with one daughter and 3 dogs
Radio DJ since 1986
Office Manager at Combined Communications
Loves animals.
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D. Shaw

Been with the Twins for over 25 years just like the rest of the Twins staff. We are family!
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Alice Cooper

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Sammy Hagar Top Rock Countdown

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Red Beard

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Matt Pinfield

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Dee Snider

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