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KC and Ron Mornings has been Twinster APPROVED since June 10, 1996. Thank you so much!
Yes, I really do get to laugh for a living. I love living in Central Oregon.
I'm a Mom to Chase and Jess...and I have a yellow lab named Frisbee. I LOVE football. Go Ducks and Cowboys! I also love chocolate more than I should...

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KC's Page

Hi Twinsters,


I hope you like the new website.  KC and Ron Mornings has been on the air since June 10th, 1996.  Time flies when you're having fun.  You know MY story.  Infact, I'm counting on you to remember my story and on air antics because I'm starting to forget details.  I seem to only retain water.  Age thing. 


I have two kids and a yellow lab named Frisbee.  

Thank you for listening to Classic Rock 98.3 The Twins.







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