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D. Shaw

NOVEMBER 11, 2013

mike, scott, joe, and myself we went over to heppner to hunt on sat. left my house at 3:30AM and another beautiful day, mike got another bird he has been shooting well this year three total for him, scott and jor did not even shoot, mike and i did an extra little hunt up a drw and zo go es on point ,i can see the roosters tail feathers in the sage he flies and i hit him, his wings set and he glides away never to be found, so again no bird for me and ya know the heartbreak for the wounded bird is really getting to me, thats a really big problem when hunting---wounded animals that we don't get, so i am done with hunting and that is the biggest reason for stopping--i am tired of killing these beautiful creatures....


yesterday i did a big clean on the house--wow--...



have a good day....

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