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D. Shaw

OCTOBER 21, 2013

wow mike got a pheasant on the fly, we had a great hunt saturday 10 minutes out of the car i got my first bird of the day, hunted for about an hour then we moved to another location on the peoperty, i told mike to go to a certain spot and i will drive birds his way if there are any to drive so 10 minutes out of the car i got another rooster then i heard mike shoot and then he shot again and i thought to myself (mike you better have a rooster or you are walking home), so i get up to mike and he says 2 roosters flew over that way and we go for a look and nothing then on the way back to the car he pulls a rooster out of his bag, he was messin with me, i am so happy that he finally dropped a bird so we had a great day of hunting and ZO was the best as usual....



enjoy the day....

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