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D. Shaw

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

went to olympia for the weekend to vist mom and dad, as usual we go to the casino and mom always wins (250.00) so i go up to play poker and i sit down with 50 dollars and everybody has at least 400.00 in chips so i am a target, i'm thinkin just be smart--the first hand for was ace ,8 i normally play ace 8 but this time first hand i toss em , what the hell comes up 8 ace ace, and then the next hand i toss q/3 and the flop is 3/q/q and i did not win one hand so it was not my day, comin home i stopped at indian head and won 50.00 so all was not lost i broke even for the weekend.....


finished with the apartment yesterday and the new tenant moved in....


it's winter time....

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