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D. Shaw

APRIL 8, 2013

had a good weekend went to florence on saturday to look for debris which i did not find any, but got the subaru so stuck in the sand--heres the story the car is great on the sand so i'm driving on the dunes just below the litehouse at winchester bay doing about 25 and all of a sudden i notice that there is big dropoff coming up so slam on the brakes and buried the car down about 10 inches so that the bottom was on the sand and boy am i glad i stopped it was a 12 foot drop staight down we would have been really hurt so anyway i always go prepared i had 2 shovels and a tow chain with me and within about 10 minutes 2 four wheelers came by and we tried to pull my car out in reverse but i was stuck good so he went in front of my car at the bottom of the drop, we were going to drive my car off the drop which was totally safe anyway he buried his rig also so the other guy hooked up to the first guy and we got my rig unstuck and it was cool had a great time.... had lunch at mo's then i thought the indians need another 20.00 and headed home--excellant day....



have a nice day....



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