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D. Shaw

MARCH 27, 2013

well i would like to weigh in on the supreme court and the same sex marriage thing------i don't give a crap what people want to do in thier lives but i do have a problem with  with our system of doing things----here is what i am talking about----prop 8 in california was approved by the people with a vote and now the supreme or any other court can strike down that vote that is not right a vote is a vote and should not be overturned by any court that is my beef--our nation was and still is a voting system by the people and no court should be able to change that, so that means that any time there is a vote wheather it is small town to what ever any vote can be overturned, for me if that is true then i want the jefferson county school bond measure struck down by the courts because a new school will be built in warm springs with public tax dollars when warm springs has a profitable CASINO....






looks nice outside enjoy the day....

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