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D. Shaw

MARCH 26, 2013

so just read in the local paper that 2 cougar cubs were killed in prineville yesterday they weren't even a year old-- FOR ME THAT IS JUST WRONG AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ODFW SAYS IN ALL THEIR WISDOM those 2 beautiful little animals should have been nursed back to health and then released back to the forest where they belong they would have survived, teach them to survive but oh no lets kill them....

now i'm reading about a protest against the killing of sea lions on the columbia river the sea lions are eating the salmon WELL GOOD FOR THEM, MAN HAS MADE THE PROBLEM AND THE ONLY WAY TO FIX IT IS TO KILL, KILL ,KILL I SAY WHY, WHY, WHY,....MAN IS THE PROBLEM JUST LIKE THE WARS THAT THE U.S. HAS CREATED-----KILL AND THEN KILL SOME MORE......JUST ONE PERSONS OPINION....


looks like a couple more days of clouds so anjoy what you can....

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