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D. Shaw

JANUARY 16, 2013

i really can't understand why so many gun owners are up in arms about the gov changing the rules for gun ownership, for me i have 9 guns and one is an m1 carbine which i believe is the first real assualt weapon from ww2 the tommy gun was even before the m1 carbine, just because we can own them does not mean we should own them sure they are cool but i don't need one i am fine with 2 shotguns, 4 rifles and 3 pistols, 5 of my guns are 22's and they are collectors guns and soon i will sell them.

i grew up hunting shot my first deer at age 9 and i haven't shot another deer since 1990 because they are wonderful creatures and as far as hunting birds when ZO passes i will stop hunting all together again the birds deserve to live like anything else on this earth......SO THERE......


another beautiful day in central oregon, i will be skiing saturday nite at timberline and it's only 25.00 from 3pm tp 10pm....


have a good evening....

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