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D. Shaw

NOVEMBER 20, 2012

amazing how there is so much crap going on around the world, wars, famine, disease, etc...please someone tell me when will it all stop, DEC. 21ST that is suppose to be the end of the world as we know, wouldm't that be a trip if it really did happen....


i do a lot of news watching and today it really bummed me out, so i think i will stop watching so much and just watch the big bang theory or history and discovery channel....


what are you doing for thanksgiving, do you have to work (double time for hourly) or do you have the day off???? i would be skiing if i lived here in bend, someday it is going to happen, hope within the next couple of years i truly need another year of everyday skiing it is the best then after that maybe i will go to the tropics and dive everyday????


starting to rain----have a good day....





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